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Fulbright to make 2 videos to promote surf shop and surfboard shaping.

“Out of sight-out of mind” is a phrase usually associated with something hidden, in a low traffic area or for a business entity not heavily advertised or kept in the public eye or conciousness. With more surf shop competition than ever before and the popularity and volume of online shopping increasing by the day, businesses such as ours can get lost in the shuffle and drift into obscurity. Being back in the neighborhood and 4 blocks away from the beach has it’s benefits when the rent comes due, especially during the winter months, but on the other hand, unless you drive down 37th Street every day or already know we are here and know and appreciate what we offer, we basically don’t exist. The fact is, we have a full service surf shop that has been around longer than most, have an in-house shaping room, have offered surfboard repairs since day one, have a huge selection of surf and skate accessories and fashions and have a wealth of knowlege and experience about everything “surf”. None of that is visible from the Seawall, nor is it even visible from 37th Street and Avenue R, as you drive by. We have people that claim to have driven by for years, finally deciding to come in to be shocked and pleasantly surprised by our inventory and presentation. They all had preconceived notions that our shop either only had surfboards, only repaired surfboards or simply had very little to offer.

Surf Specialties has recently launched a new website that not only continues to provide daily surf reports but also now offers online shopping. Hundreds of items in our inventory are now available to view and purchase online. It took us long enough, right? We will now take it a step further and make a promotional video, giving everyone an extensive tour of everything Surf Specialties! The video will be posted on our website to view anytime and posted on YouTube. We encourage you to submit any suggestions or comments about what you would like to see or have included in the tour video. It will basically be a no budget walk thru film, with “from the hip” narration, using an inexpensive hand held video camera.

Our location on the corner of 37th and Avenue R. has 26 years of surf  history. First, it was our original location of the surf shop. Then, it was as our surfboard shaping and glassing facility and now as both our surf shop AND as our surfboard shaping and airbrushing facility. As you may or may not know, you can sit on a bar stool and look thru a large glass window and watch surfboards being shaped, painted and repaired. With peoples lives being so hectic and busy, most times it is nearly impossible to sit long enough to see the entire process of shaping a surfboard. Most people honestly don’t have that much interest in it anyway, so to them, it is just a novelty. To some though, they know that what was once a secret and coveted art is now a dying art. Roughly 90% of all surfboards being produced are now mass produced overseas, using machines, molds and cheap labor to copy models time and time again. Shaping a surfboard by hand is quickly becoming a thing of the past and no longer seems to have merit in the consumer’s eyes. Another video will be produced by us to show and teach the shaping process to anyone who has an interest in it.  Again, your suggestions and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.

By producing these videos it is our hope that you will learn more about Strictly Hardcore Surf Specialties and better appreciate what we have spent 26 years trying to build and promote.  As surf shops go, there are vast differences between “us” and “them”.  Yes, we are small. No, we don’t claim to have the most of anything. Yes, we surf. No, we no longer carry all the “major” brands. Yes, we make and repair our own boards. No, we are not on the Seawall. Yes, we have been open for 26 years. No, we don’t always have the cheapest prices.

Maybe surf shops like ours are also becoming a thing of the past, just like today’s surfboards. It has always been our mission to promote the sport and lifestyle of surfing in a manner in which we believed to be Strictly Hardcore…hence the name.  We sincerely thank you for your business. We want to work to keep it. Support Surf Specs!

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