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Fulbright’s Blog 101

                                             Fulbright’s Blog 101


It’s a good thing that the official definition of a blog is “a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary style text entries/posts” because that is all I am good for. I do not pose as a historian, specialist or spokesperson for anything in particular. I do however think that a blogger should have a passion for and a basic understanding of the topic(s) him/her blogs about. I will make sure and adhere to blogging about my passions, some of which are; surfing, skateboarding, surfboard design, surf travel and the surfing industry as a whole– to name a few. I can say, without a doubt, that I have the proper credentials to speak on all of those subjects. I have owned a surf shop for 32 years, have built and operated at least 4 surfboard factories and have hand shaped roughly 5,000 surfboards. This, I believe, gives me a good understanding of the inner workings of businesses of both types.  I started surfing and skateboarding in 1967 and am still looking for that perfect wave and that perfect drainage ditch.


My blogging is not intended to target or call out anyone or any product in particular nor do I plan to use it as a form of self promotion. I will strive to make my posts educational, entertaining and humorous and possibly make you go hmmm. If you enjoy my posts, I will consider it a success and I ask that you share it. But if you do not, well shoots.  I acknowledge the fact that my opinion(s) may differ from others, but let us all try and keep things civil. A positive aspect of blogging is discussion and I encourage that…to a certain degree. I have experienced the wrath of anonymous online haters and I simply will not tolerate bullying, slander and character assassination, while you hide behind your internet identity. Our founding fathers would probably agree that one’s freedom of speech does not include slandering, bullying or attacking someone’s character, particularly on Fulbright’s Blog. 🙂


Should you ever have any topics relating to the surf/skate culture that you would enjoy reading my take on, please let me know, but for now…

You ride on and I’ll write on…



James Fulbright


One Response to Fulbright’s Blog 101

  1. Kit Keith says:

    Out of that 5000 boards 9 are mine. All custom and all magic. No shit bra. MAGIC! I wonder if there are any good tales from way way back when we were all young. 60/70’s. My best memories were the beach fires and parties after the sun went down? The names must be changed to protect the innocent. Those of us that grew up in those times that are survivors really were lucky. 😉

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