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3D Fins Christian Fletcher Series
3D Fins Christian Fletcher Series Artwork

3D Fins Christian Fletcher Signature Series

A surfboard fin with dimples creates a turbulent flow. Turbulent flow has more adhesion so when you start to turn, the dimpled fin surface delays the flow separation, reducing the separation bubble allowing the foil to maintain performance. When the surfer is turning at high speeds, the turbulent boundary layer helps the flow overcome an adverse pressure gradient and allows the fin to remain attached to the surface longer than it would otherwise. This reduces drag, increases lift and improves the overall performance of the fin design.


It's been long known in surfboard design that Channels make a board go faster especially in clean conditions and down the line. But what has been unknown is the effect that channels have on fins. For 2 years 3DFINS designer has tested Channels of all shapes and sizes on fins, the results have been surprising. Channels irrigate the flow or help to direct the flow. This results in the flow passing along the channeled surface gaining speed and increasing pressure. The channels also have an effect of improving release when the flow is passing across the channels rather than through. The Channels break surface tension as the flow passes to cross the channeled surface.

 3DFINS Computer flow dynamic tests are currently in the construction stage we will release results in the coming months.

Fin System Type: Future

Fin Size: Medium- Height: 4.53"  Base: 4.53"

It comes in a Thruster Setup (3) and/or a Five Fin Setup, which includes both a tri-fin set up(3) and a set of back quad fins(2).

Price: Thruster Set: $95.00  5 Fin Set: $125.00