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Infinity Fiberglass Vintage Skateboard
Infinity Surfboard & Skateboard Logo
Infinity Vintage Skateboard with Gull Wing Trucks

Infinity Fiberglass Vintage Skateboard Complete.

Infinity already had a solid surf team and a skateboard team (including my friend Max McDonald), so like a few other surfboard companies, they created their own skateboard models, like this one. The fiberglass deck has a kick-tail and abstract pigment swirl art laminated into the deck, just as you would do with a surfboard or surfboard fin for example. This skateboard is an original vintage complete, but with one upgrade. It has first-generation Gull-Wing Trucks, risers and 2 3/4" wide Sims Pure Juice red wheels, but the original truck hole pattern does not match, hence two different sets of hole patterns. The deck has two simple strips of grip tape, as to not hide the beauty of the pigment layup and logo on the deck. Everything on this complete is in great working order, including the bearings. The usual wear on the nose and tail. She was a rider and not just another toy in someone's garage or room. Looks like the components were an upgrade.

Dimensions: 25 1/4" x 5 7/8"

Price: $170.00