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Bahne Skateboard '70s Vintage Complete
Bahne Fiberglass Skateboard Vintage Early '70s no Griptape

Bahne Vintage Skateboard Complete

Bahne Vintage Fiberglass Complete Skateboard with early urethane wheels and original trucks. This complete vintage skateboard dates back to the early '70s during the resurgence of skateboarding after the urethane wheel was first introduced. It comes with the original red "Stoker" Wheels and bearings that spin like a champ! Orange fiberglass deck and no grip tape! That dates a skateboard like no leash plug dates a surfboard! She's a beauty that still rides as she did off the showroom floor. The tail and nose have proper grinding:)

Dimensions: 24" x 5 7/8"

Condition: Good with all original parts.

Price: $150.00