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Buell RB1 Accelerator 3/2 Mens Fullsuit


Buell RB1 Accelerator 3/2 Mens Fullsuit

  • Material: "Ninja Neoprene" with Ultraspan flex-fabric on the exterior
  • Seams: Triple glued and blind stitched seams with power-lite "Sizzle" seam seal
  • Entry system: Over the top, chest zip entry, utilizing a cross-over pattern and snap-tight outer flap "technology", making the entry a tight seal.
  • Lining: Soft Ultraspan flex-fabric material that is insanely warm & cozy
  • Key Pocket: easy to access and secure key pocket on the outside left calf
  • Knee pads: Embossed Supratex Tuff kneepads.

Price: Retail: $214.95  online sale: $204.95

Color Options: Black/Graphite (Shown), Black/Teal. Black/White

Mens Size Scale:

SM- 5'8"-5'10" height/135-155lbs. weight

MS- 5'7"-5'9" height/145-165lbs. weight

M- 5'9"-5'11" height/145-165lbs. weight

ML- 5'9"-5'11" height/155-170 lbs. weight

MT-6'1"-6'3" height/165-180 lbs. weight

LS-5'7"-5'10" height/ 165-180 lbs. weight

L- 5'10"-6' height/160-180 lbs. weight

LT-6'2"-6'4" height/170-190 lbs. weight

XLS-5'8.5"-5'10.5" height/180-210 lbs. weight

XL-5'11"-6'1" height/190-210 lbs. weight

XXL-6'1"-6'3" height/210-230 lbs. weight

* If you do not closely fit within any of these height/weight options, I do not recommend ordering a wetsuit online.  That's what brick & mortar is for...try a couple on and then buy inside the store!