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G & S FibreFlex Vintage Skateboard Deck
Gordon & Smith Iconic Skateboard Logo Vintage

G & S FibreFlex Skateboard Vintage Deck.

Gordon & Smith made one of the best selling and most popular Surfboard Branded Skateboards of all time, next to the Hobie Super Surfer. G & S FibreFlex Skateboards combined wood and fiberglass construction, widened the deck and added a kicktail (not the first). Their Surfboard Logo was prominently integrated into their Skateboard Logo. By this time, the upper mid-'70s, full deck grip-tape had been added, but carefully cut out around their iconic logo! Deck Only, with some stickers of the era still attached and a bit of normal wear and tear on the nose. You would want this baby as a historical record of skateboard development, as this model certainly had set itself apart from the pack.

Dimensions: 28 3/4" x 7 1/2" !

Price: $90