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Vintage Runman Trilogy Surf Film 3-Pack

Runman Trilogy Surf Film 3-Pack

Lock up your daughters, close the curtains and throw some popcorn in the microwave and set a cooler full of brews by your lazy boy chair and then, and only then will you be ready to binge-watch this 3 disc set of Runman Surf Films! The trilogy comes with Runman 1, Runman 2 and Runman 69 (well of course). You will laugh. You will be disgusted. You may shart. The trilogy should be required watching for any and all who are considering being a surfer. I will not say anymore as to give away too much. It is banned in all churches and many Elks Lodges so be forewarned.

Cost: Priceless (but I will take $40.00 for my last one)

P.S. Yes, I took the plastic wrap off the set just to make sure the Runman folks didn't sell me blank DVD's