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Daily Surf Report

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Sunday, April 5th, 2020   

Local surf conditions in Galveston Island, Texas.

This page last updated:  04/05/20 at 7:18am
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Wave Height: About thigh to waist high (4.6' @ 7 secs.)

Water/Wave Conditions: Slightly choppy

Water Temp: 71* degrees (beachfront)

Wind: ENE @ 13-17 k.


                  SUN  1:06 AM      HIGH TIDE
                  SUN  7:50 AM       LOW TIDE
                  SUN  3:05 PM      HIGH TIDE
                  SUN  8:36 PM       LOW TIDE
Overall: Beaches still closed and surfing temporarily banned.

Galveston County under "shelter in place"

Shop and beaches unfortunately closed.
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"Despite decreased winds...elevated seas will persist over the
offshore waters this morning before finally decreasing by this
afternoon. The light to moderate northeast to east winds today
will become southeast by Monday as a warm front moves inland.
Generally light to moderate onshore winds will prevail through
much of the week. The next cold front could move into the coastal
waters Thursday night or early Friday morning."

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