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Daily Surf Report

Daily Surf Report

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Sunday, May 31st, 2020   

Local surf conditions in Galveston Island, Texas.

This page last updated:  05/31/20 at 8:04 am
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Wave Height:  Flat. (1.6' @ 5 secs.) 

Water/Wave Conditions: Slightly choppy

Water Temp: 81* degrees (beachfront)

Wind: ENE  @ 10 k.


                  SUN  4:58 AM       LOW TIDE
                  SUN 11:57 AM      HIGH TIDE
                  SUN  6:26 PM       LOW TIDE

                  MON 12:43 AM      HIGH TIDE
                  MON  6:18 AM       LOW TIDE
                  MON 12:25 PM      HIGH TIDE
                  MON  6:56 PM       LOW TIDE

Overall: Nothing to ride today. Much Aloha from us to you!

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"Generally weak easterly winds with a slight veering to southeast
later in the day. Significant wave heights will remain the average
1 to 3 foot range. A more dominant southeasterly wind will return
and persist from Tuesday on through Friday. Periods of showers
and occasional thunderstorms can be expected, especially during
the overnight into early morning hours."
Early adventure to Costa Rica 1989

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