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Quiksilver Edition Vintage Woven
Quiksilver Edition Vintage Woven

Quiksilver Edition Vintage Woven

A vintage woven from Quiksilver's "Quiksilver Edition" *

Short sleeve, collared button-up woven, with a relaxed fit

*About "Quiksilver Edition": What does Quiksilver look like when it's all grown up? Quiksilver Edition. It's the time-tested surf brand's premium collection of wave-worthy, beach-worthy, SUP-worthy clothing. It offers the fine-tuned comfort and technology you'd expect from one of the most popular brands ever to hit the sand, but with a more distinctive flavor. Turn to Quiksilver Edition for a refined island-inspired look, whether you're an accomplished stand-up paddle athlete or you're swilling mojitos while taking in the Kauai swells from a shaded patio.

Color: Grey/Green*

* Pictures don't do justice to this bitchin green fabric.

Size: Large (relaxed fit)

Condition: Vintage/Used/Excellent

Price: $75.00